Affiliate Program

If you’re a self growth/wellness advocate or content creator who loves beautifully designed products then this program is for you! By joining our affiliate program, you will become a trusted brand affiliate for Evergreen Journals and earn a 10% commission on every sale.

As a trusted partner, we pride ourselves on our remarkable and quick customer service, and will provide you the tools and resources you need to ensure success. In addition, when we see great posts we love, we are happy to feature you on our social media account, blog and newsletter. 

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Benefits of joining:

  • 10% commission on every sale made through your discount code. Your fans/referrals will also get 10% off their order which will incentivize them to use your code and make you $$$
  • Request a free product quarterly by contacting us at
  • Receive our resources on how to optimize your sales
  • A chance to be featured on our social media, blog, and newsletter 
  • Exceptional care along the way 
  • Highest earning annual affiliate will have the opportunity for further sponsorships and promotional opportunities
  • Absolutely free to join 

How to Join: 

  • Submit your application
  • Your application will be reviewed and we will contact you if you have been approved
  • Once approved, you will be given access to your own coupon code and resources to help you grow


  • Channel: Have a personal blog, social media page, podcast etc. with self growth related content
  • Audience: Have an established following on your channels (3K+ on Instagram, 5K+ on YouTube, 10K+ monthly visitors to your blog, 2K+ monthly listeners on your podcast and so on) 
  • Content: High quality and consistent content

Expectations of our Affiliates: 

  • Follow us on Instagram @evergreenjournals
  • Affiliates are required to post on their social media platforms on a monthly basis the following content: minimum 1 Instagram story (2+ frames) and minimum 1 feed post
  • Each post must contain the tag @evergreenjournals on the photo and in the caption, plus the hashtag #evergreengrove, in order for Evergreen Journals to track all content created.
  • To see full details, kindly refer to Section 7: Affiliate Obligations in our partnership agreement

Submit your application now. It only takes a few minutes!