Our Mission

Evergreen Journals is on a mission to help you to unplug and recharge. We provide a much needed escape from all the time that we are spending on our screens (especially now). 

We create products that make the triumph of living your ideal day more attainable. Because your dream life is not a destination, it’s a journey. We believe in growth, freedom, authenticity and leaving the world a better place through each and every one of our interactions. 


something that is continuously renewed or is self-renewing

Our Story

Evergreen Journals was founded by two 20-something young female entrepreneurs: Lulu Liang and Allie Mastoras. The pair met while working as Management Consultants, and both moved on to work in eCommerce leading large beauty & wellness brands.

The inspiration for the Habit Journal came in 2018 while both Allie and Lulu were seemingly having the best year of their lives. They both got engaged, promoted, and travelling around the world - many of the things they chased on the hamster wheel and worked so hard for many years finally came to fruition. It was a social media highlight reel.

But if you pulled back the curtain, the truth was that they were experiencing more depression and anxiety than they ever had.

Allie and Lulu realized there was no point in achieving all these goals if they did not have peace in the moment. This coupled with their love for eCommerce sparked the birth for their first creation - The Habit Journal.

Since using it daily, both have discovered new found peace and happiness; now they’re on a mission to share that with the world. 




Our products are 100% vegan because doing something good for humans shouldn’t be bad for others.

We manufacture our journals in Germany because we’re obsessed with quality and want to minimize freight emissions.

Our journals are made with low impact materials including linen which uses less water and pesticides than alternatives. 


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