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Say hello to the Habit Journal

Habit Journal

Our hero product. Your power tool for getting back on track. 

The Habit Journal takes a science-based approach to help you create lasting change, by removing willpower from the equation.

It guides you to define your vision, break your vision into daily habits, and track your practice daily to keep you accountable. It will take just five minutes each night for you to get back on track.

Why Habits

Habits are behaviours that you take until they become involuntary. 

Did you know that habits make up 40% - 95% of your daily life? 

Given we spend so much of our time on autopilot, we ought to pick what goes into it. The Habit Journal offers a simple, structured approach to help you identify how you want to spend your time. 


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Habit Journal

94 reviews

The Habit Journal is your power tool to live your life with intention and de-clutter your day-to-day to achieve your dreams.

With a structured format to help you create productive habits to achieve your goals, it offers a monthly habit planner, a daily journal, a monthly habit review, and a habit tracker. 


What customers are saying

absolutely obsessed

"This journal is a must for anyone trying to make a positive change in their life. It takes you through the full cycle of defining your vision, setting your goals and actioning on your habits."

Nadine A. 

habits that actually last

"Finally a tool that helps me build habits that actually last. The science/intro behind this, only focusing on 3 habits a month with the monthly tracker and habit stacking have all helped me build real habits."

Brandon Y.

Life changing

"Completely life changing. This tool helps you be more reflective, build habits and achieve your goals and it takes less than five minutes a day. Don’t just keep dreaming - take action."

Maggie S. 

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We believe in having a growth mindset; that each one of us is a work in progress. We create tools to help you along your journey to finding your best self. 


We create products that we want in our lives. We believe in holding ourselves to high standards and that begins with our products.


We believe in being an extreme owner of your own path, and in having total freedom to choose what that path looks like.

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